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The law states that children over the age of six must attend school regularly. If your child has a reason to be absent, a note explaining the absence must be sent to the school when the child returns. The teachers are required to record the reason for the absence and this should be included on the note.

Absences for swimming or dance lessons or for dental or medical appointments are not acceptable. Such matters should be arranged outside of school hours or during holiday periods.

The home-school liaison officer visits the school regularly to check rolls and follows up cases of unexplained absences or absences for unacceptable reasons.

Please email our office or your child's teacher if your child will be away for 4 days or more.

In the case of students absent from school for periods longer than ten days on family holidays during school terms, the policy requires parents/carers to apply for an Exemption from School before departure. Exemption application forms are available from the school office.

This policy is designed to reinforce the importance of full-time attendance at school. Family holidays should be scheduled to avoid term time. Asking teachers to supply worksheets is not an effective alternative to participation in the full classroom programs offered by attendance at school.