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School routines

Teachers commence early morning duty at 8:45am.  Students must not arrive at school before 8.45am. On-site Before School Care can be arranged through Bayside Council on 9666 6128. The centre is open from 7.00am to 8.45am.

Students are to play where the teacher on playground duty can see them that is on the basketball court, outside hall area, grass between the library and hall.


Students are to walk on all concrete or asphalt areas.

Students should report any incidences of teasing or bullying to the teacher on duty.

K-3 children are not to play on the playground equipment at lunchtime until the teacher on duty gives permission.

Students may go into classrooms ONLY while a teacher is in the room.

Students may visit the canteen at recess between 11:00pm - 11.15am and at lunch between 1.10 – 1.30pm.

If students are going to the Library at lunchtime, they are to wait in the playground, until they see the Teacher Librarian return to the Library.

Students must wear a hat when in the sun. Otherwise, "No Hat, No Play". Students without hats must play in shaded areas only.

If balls go out of the playground, the teachers on duty must be informed. Students may only retrieve balls with the supervision of the teacher.

Students must order lunch and recess before 9.15am.

Anyone arriving at, or leaving school should use the pedestrian entrances in Page St or Dalley Ave near the shops. For your safety, do not use the driveway which is used by cars. In Page St, please use the designated crossing. Students should cross the road between the flags. The pedestrian crossing has a supervisor (lollipop person) both morning and afternoon). There is a Kiss and Ride Zone in Holloway Street that is open from 8.00am-9.30am and 3.00pm-4.00pm.

Students should return to the class teacher or Administration Office if they are not picked up at 3.15pm.