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Mobile phones

Students who bring mobile phones to school do so at their own risk and are responsible for their security. The school will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage. Parents should note that secure storage of students' personal property is not available at this school.


If students use mobile phones inappropriately, depending on the circumstances, action may include:

  • banning the student from bringing a mobile phone to school;
  • confiscating mobile phones from individual students;
  • applying student disciplinary provisions as per this Discipline Code.


Generally, a mobile phone will be used inappropriately if it:

  • disrupts or is likely to disrupt the learning environment or interfere with the operation of the school;
  • threatens or is likely to threaten the safety or well being of any person;
  • is in breach of any law.

Inappropriate use of mobile phones will include students using them to bully, intimidate or otherwise harass other people through any SMS, photographic, video or other data transfer system available on the phone. Mobile phones are to be switched off during class time. Messages can be retrieved at the end of the day.